Mistakes That Make Hair Damage Fast

When menopause arrives, your hair can thin out and look sluggish. This condition can get worse if you are not careful in caring for your hair. Certain habits, such as washing your hair every day, can damage your hair more quickly. This hair loss is caused by hormonal imbalance. Specifically, associated with low estrogen production. To get the right treatment for your hair if it shows signs of damage, then you can do a consultation or even visit Balayage Hairstyles which will provide you with the best hair care for your hair.

What happens if the skin is constantly exposed to the sun without sunscreen protection? The effect can be dangerous because the skin can burn to the risk of cancer. Same with hair. The damage caused by UV rays can dry out the strands and make the hair color fade. Like skin, hair texture can change with age. To keep your hair healthy, one of the things you can do is not wash your hair too often. Wash your hair only two or three times per week, and use a mild shampoo. Shainhouse says sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner can help minimize dryness of the scalp and hair.

Menopause causes thinning hair due to a decrease in estrogen levels, and this is normal. But some women experience a more extreme problem, namely baldness. Eating iron and calcium-rich foods such as spinach, dairy products, and eggs can help restore the thickness of your hair. Maintaining the health of the scalp and hair follicles should not be forgotten. Because the older you get, the more you lose the tiny blood vessels in the scalp. This means that your hair follicles are not getting the nutrients they need. One easy way to keep the blood flowing is to brush it regularly.

Rarely exercising, using dry shampoo too often, using too many hair products, and straightening your hair every day can also damage your hair quickly.

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