6 Types Of Items That Can’t Be Recycled And You Should Know About It

One of the causes of environmental pollution is the presence of increasingly mounting garbage, but not all types of waste can be recycled. Just imagine, if there are more and more mountains of garbage, but only a little waste can be recycled. The more polluted and not good for health. One of the right solutions to reduce the mountain of garbage is to use best junk removal Los Angeles service. They will process various types of waste according to procedures and make your home more comfortable with no garbage stored.

Regarding waste, several types of waste cannot be recycled.

1. Coffee cup
At first glance, the glasses that are widely used by coffee outlets are made of slightly thick paper. But did you know that this coffee cup contains plastic material? In the process of recycling waste, this type cannot be separated between paper and plastic waste. This is what makes this type of waste difficult to recycle.

2. Pizza boxes
The paper used to wrap pizza is included in the type of waste that cannot be recycled. This is because pizza paper consists of a mixture of pulp or oil that is difficult to recycle.

3. Dirty plastic bottles
Dirty plastic bottles including drink bottles are included in one type of waste that cannot be recycled. If you want to recycle a plastic bottle, you have to clean the bottle again. Clean and don’t leave anything left in the bottle to ensure a smooth recycling process.

5. Tissue paper and the box
Both of these items are included in the waste that cannot be recycled because they contain oil-based ingredients. This item cannot be completely clean and removes its oil content even though it goes through a recycling process. This type of waste will always end up in the trash without being able to be recycled.

6. Mirror
The glass material used to make the mirror makes it non-recyclable. So don’t try to recycle mirrors. When you no longer like the existing mirror, but the condition is still good. Don’t throw it away once in a while, it’s better if you give the mirror to someone else or sell it instead of throwing it away.

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