What Is The Difference Between Film Script And Drama Script?

The film script and the drama script are both look similar. However, the two have some differences. From the differences that exist between the two, we can categorize them in terms of the scope of the story, the format of the story, and the dialogue. This also applies to scripts for older actors in both movies and dramas.

• Story Scope Conditions
For the condition of the scope of the story, the drama takes place in real-time; not that the story is real, but the performance is actually done live and thus anything that happens on stage can happen backstage too.

Whereas a film can have 70 scenes in 70 locations with hundreds of roles (with extra backgrounds, etc). Unlike the drama that only happens on one stage.

So the scope of the drama is usually small, accompanied by one core story with a few sufficient actors to cover it. Because the drama is done in real-time, every night of the show, your script doesn’t have to include roles that require additional actors for just one scene.

• Story Format
The story format differs slightly between film scripts and plays scripts, but it’s important to get it right. You can find examples of drama script formats on the internet, either by reading the actual script or looking for the outline.

• Dialogue
You may notice that the script has a greater balance between dialogue and action (and sometimes the action amounts to a lot more); This is because the film is a visual medium. You will get closeness and wide view shots that you can’t get on stage.

Thus, film scripts emphasize visual depiction — films are not just telling what will happen when they don’t speak, films are depicted with pictures. This brings us to the dialogue.

Drama is the controller of dialogue.

You will see in the drama script, the dialogue far exceeds the direction on the stage. The format of the story already reflects this. Dialogue in drama is given with a wider limit, while action (or stage direction is given with a smaller limit—the opposite of the film script specifications).

The story in the drama script is told in dialogue. It’s an unwritten rule in the theater that many directors and actors choose a direction on stage as a suggestion only. Dialogue, however, is set by default. Thus, the act in the drama will move the story through dialogue.

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